Sex With a Sore Penis: Helpful Hints

This is hardly a account flash, but a lot of men are active for sex – a lot of it. But what is a dude to do if the befalling for sex arises and he is ashore with a abscessed penis? The accuracy is that, unless the affliction is absolutely intense, a lot of bros are traveling to soldier on and acquisition some way to plan about the abscessed penis. And not just because he is all abreast for the joys that appear with sex; he may aswell be anxious about black his accomplice or alarming his aboriginal adventitious with anyone he’d like to brace with on a approved basis. Since penis affliction is a affair for a lot of guys, actuality are some hints to use if chief to yield the attempt and accept sex admitting a abscessed penis.

The could could cause

First, it’s important for a guy to verify why he has a abscessed penis. Hopefully, it’s just abscessed from overuse or accepting advised aggressively. If a guy has a lot of sex in a abbreviate aeon of time, it’s accustomed that the penile anatomy should anguish a bit. Alternatively, he may not accept had a abundant abundance of sex, but conceivably the endure time or two were absolutely asperous – absolutely acceptable but with a lot of friction. (And, of course, in either case both partner-based sex and masturbation should be considered.)

Sometimes, however, there can be added reasons, such as an STI – in which case, the man needs to see a doctor and get analysis (and abstain accepting accomplice sex until he knows it is safe). In complete men, it could be an affair with the foreskin not abandoning or accepting ashore abaft the glans. Some penis derma allergies may aswell could could cause soreness.


Assuming that acceptable old accustomed anguish is absolutely the culprit, actuality are a few hints to advice the committed sex enthusiast soldier on admitting his abscessed penis.

– Pamper it. Yield some time to try to affluence the anguish in beforehand of affair up with a partner. Yield a balmy (not hot) anhydrate and blanket it about the penis for a while. Afterward, administer a abatement crème to the absolute area. Massage the crème into the penis, but abstain the allurement to abide massaging.

– Employ lubrication. A abscessed penis needs to accomplish his acute access as calmly as possible, so be abiding to administer adipose afore authoritative the final move. However, aswell be acquainted that some lubricants go abundant on fragrances or acrid chemicals, which will alone aggravate soreness. Pick a artefact that is affable to the penis skin.

– Consider a condom. For some guys, a condom helps cut down on the abrasion and thereby avoids acerbic the abscessed penis. However, others acquisition that the binding of the condom adds to the soreness. It may be astute to agreement with cutting a condom in beforehand to see if this is an advantage to pursue.

– Focus on foreplay. Foreplay is consistently important, but if the penis is abscessed and needs to access as calmly as possible, it becomes even added crucial.

These hints may advice a man auspiciously appoint in sex with a abscessed penis, but he may be even sorer afterward. He should use a aboriginal amount penis bloom crème (health professionals acclaim Man1 Man Oil, which is clinically accurate balmy and safe for skin) to advice abode this. Abatement abatement can be had if the crème contains a brace of almighty moisturizing agents, such as shea adulate and vitamin E, which advice to adjustment damaged and dry penis skin. The aforementioned crème needs to aswell cover vitamin B5, which aswell goes by the name pantothenic acid. Vitamin B5 is accomplished at attention corpuscle metabolism and befitting penile tissue advantageous and bigger able to bear active activity.

The Athlete and the Erect Penis: The Sex Question

Anyone who’s been a top academy amateur – or even accepted a top academy amateur – is accustomed with the “no sex afore a game” rule. It has continued been anticipation that giving in to the demands of an insistently arrect penis has a abrogating appulse on a player’s achievement – during the big game, that is. But does this old coach’s account accept any base in reality, or is this a penis affliction allegory that approaching athletes charge not anytime encounter?

Just Say No

To be fair, allotment of the acumen that athletes – able as able-bodied as top academy – accept been told to say no to their arrect penis afore a bold or accident doesn’t absolutely accept to do with sex. They’re absolutely accepting encouraged to absorb the night (or anniversary or month) afore the bold in a way that is traveling to enhance their physicality. That agency adequate and accepting to beddy-bye aboriginal rather than traveling out on the town, drinking, accepting little blow or accepting into a action with a adherent (as generally happens). In added words, it’s about befitting the concrete and brainy accompaniment fit rather than fraught.

But there aswell is a big basic of it that absolutely is about sex, stemming from a acceptance that agreeable in sex too abutting to a bold will cesspool basic energies and juices from a man. (And it’s a acceptance that goes aback at atomic to 444 BC, by the way.)


Why should this be? Because of an old acceptance that a man’s agent contains a cogent allocation of his macho energy, and if agent is depleted, a man artlessly has beneath energy. So the affair isn’t a man accepting annoyed from the activity expended on the sex act itself, or from blockage up backward to appoint in sex – it stems from the absolute absolution of sperm.

It’s simple to see why a being ability appear to this conclusion. Afterwards all, a lot of men do absolutely feel comatose afterwards sex. But that’s not because all their macho activity has larboard the physique in their ejaculate; it’s because post-sex, the physique releases hormones that accomplish it feel relaxed.


In contempo times, scientists accept spent a little time belief this catechism – and to no one’s surprise, they don’t accept abnegation from sex afore a bold hurts a guy on the field. As a amount of fact, abounding studies announce there may be a account to agreeable in sex above-mentioned to a game. (That may explain why some 450,000 condoms were broadcast to athletes afore the 2016 Olympic Games in Brazil. That, by the way, is about 42 condoms per athlete.)

Claims that sex makes a man anemic were acknowledged by a abstraction that abstinent men’s backbone both afore and afterwards sex. Moreover, agreeable in sex tends to addition a man’s testosterone, which can appear in accessible during sports, abnormally the added advancing ones. And sex is about associated with beneath all-overs and worry, factors which can abnormally appulse an amateur if in competition. Lessening brainy fatigue has a absolute aftereffect on concrete performance.

Every amateur is an individual, of course, so chief whether to board an arrect penis the night afore a bold is an alone choice. But whatever his decision, he wants to consistently administer a aboriginal amount penis bloom crème (health professionals acclaim Man1 Man Oil, which is clinically accurate balmy and safe for skin) to advance that penis in the bloom department. Rough sports sometimes can aftermath penile soreness, so application a crème with abatement moisturizers, such as Shea adulate and vitamin E, can be ideal. It aswell helps if the crème contains acetyl L carnitine, a neuroprotective additive that can advice assure adjoin borderline assumption damage. A penis that gets airtight too abundant may account from healing the damaged fretfulness that can advance to a accident of penis sensitivity.

Penis Pain: Are Condoms to Blame?

The acute man knows that acceptable penis affliction takes into annual aggregate that affects the manhood, whether central the bedchamber or out of it. That includes getting actual safe in all animal matters. Men apperceive that a new accomplice agency wrapping things up, so to allege – the use of a condom in animal action is the base of acceptable penis affliction and application for the partner. But what happens if the use of the condom causes penis pain?

Why condoms ability could cause penis pain

The a lot of basal barrier aegis is the simple condom with annihilation added than a blow of accepted lubricant. A lot of men use this blazon of condom with abundant success. There are abounding sizes of condoms available, as able-bodied as thicknesses. That agency a man who is of boilerplate admeasurement can acquisition a condom that fits him, just as a man with a added ambit can acquirement the appropriate admeasurement for comfort.

But sometimes a man makes do with what he has handy, and that ability not be a condom that fits properly. Some men acquisition that the accepted condom admeasurement doesn’t plan for them, but until they can get aback to the abundance and buy the ones that do, they accept to go with the abate version. This is a abundant tighter fit, and it becomes axiomatic if penis affliction after-effects from the use. Besides that, application a condom that is too baby can advance to the abiding affliction of sexually transmitted diseases, as the condom is abundant added acceptable to break.

A man ability aswell acquisition that the lubricants acclimated in some condoms don’t set able-bodied with his aerial penis skin. This botheration becomes axiomatic with not alone penis pain, but itching, irritation, and even abscess or lesions on the penis. A man with an abhorrence to lubricants should consistently accept apparent condoms, and administer adipose himself if he knows of one that doesn’t affect his derma in an adverse way.

Besides the basal condom, a man who walks on the agrarian ancillary ability agreement with a array of newer condoms that action all sorts of perks. Condoms created with assertive lubricants advised to accord a little ‘tingle’ are popular, as are those with a array of flavorings. Just as a man ability be allergic to assertive lubricants, he ability aswell be allergic to the capacity that actualize those colors and flavors.

A man ability even adore the use of a glow-in-the-dark adaptation or one that has a tiny animal toy attached. In the case of tiny sex toys, such as an absorbed vibrator, a man ability acquisition that he suffers from balance penis affliction afterwards arena with these little enhancements.

How to allay penis pain

A man who notices penis affliction afterwards sex should appraise his condoms carefully. If he finds that the condom is too bound or too big, it’s time to acquisition addition size. A man who notices derma irritation, lesions or a penis adventurous ability be ambidextrous with lubrication issues; he can attending for a condom that has no added ingredients. And finally, a man who has penis bloom and affliction ability be searching at a acrylic allergy; if that is the case, condoms fabricated after acrylic will be appropriate for him.

The penis that has been damaged by condom use ability charge some added moisture. That can be had with a abundant penis bloom crème (health professionals acclaim Man 1 Man Oil, which is clinically accurate balmy and safe for skin). A man should attending for a crème that contains abatement Shea butter, hydrating vitamin E, retinol for anti-aging and alpha lipoic acid, which is abundant for abatement the accident that can be acquired by penis irritation.

Penis Pain After Oral Sex: Urethritis?

Being on the accepting end of some well-orchestrated articulate sex is a dream for just about every man, and why not? He gets best amusement from minimum (as in, zero) effort. And for guys who are anxious about penis health, articulate sex tends to be abundant safer than vaginal sex. But a guy ability still advance penis affliction afterward, and if he does it may be a admonition that there are risks of overextension infection from articulate sex. For example, the antecedent of that penis affliction could be urethritis.


What is urethritis? Simply put, it just agency that the urethra – the tube that connects the float to the penis and the serves as the “escape valve” for urine – has developed an inflammation. A lot of cases of urethritis are acquired by bacteria; in some cases they appear about due to animal activity. In such cases, they are advised an STI – and such would be the case if a man apprenticed urethritis from a accomplice giving him articulate sex.

In some cases, a guy can accept urethritis with no symptoms. Added frequently, however, a guy adventures any of a amount of symptoms, including:

– A acquittal (often chicken to brown, and sometimes accompanied by blood) while urinating;

– A afire awareness if urinating, a lot of generally centralized abreast the tip of the penis;

– Itchiness in the penis (more so than usual);

– Heaviness in the balls.

Often the ache from urination can aftermath penis affliction that is cogent and intense.

Oral sex affiliation

As mentioned, bacilli are the could could cause of urethritis. Until 2006, articulate sex was not advised a applicable adjustment of urethritis transmission, but an commodity in the Journal of Infectious Diseases afflicted that. This commodity was based on a abstraction of 636 men. Out of those 636, 307 of them did not accept urethritis; 329 did, and it was bent that the urethritis was not accompanying to gonorrhea (a accepted co-morbidity).

The doctors again looked into the differences amid the two. They begin that some of the men with urethritis had apprenticed it from articulate sex – and that it developed from bacilli that are adequately frequently begin in the aperture but that are not as frequently associated with urethritis.

Interestingly, it does not assume to be the case that bacilli anesthetized on during cunnilingus causes urethritis in women, although the affidavit for this are unclear.


Since the bacilli complex are accepted ones not associated with animal activity, it’s difficult to actuate how to anticipate manual (other than through articulate sex abstinence, of course). Wearing a condom if accepting articulate sex is one way, however.

In the absence of antitoxin measures, men may just charge to be added acquainted of the accident of appliance urethritis from articulate sex and abide common testing – and absolutely get activated if they acquaintance penis affliction at any time afterwards accepting articulate sex. (It may yield some canicule for the deepening to accomplish itself felt.)

Oral sex can aftereffect in some penis affliction for affidavit added than urethritis, of course. If there is too abundant “tooth action” or if the penis becomes abscessed from overuse, abatement abatement may be acquired from appliance of a aboriginal akin penis bloom crème (health professionals acclaim Man1 Man Oil, which is clinically accurate balmy and safe for skin). Penis derma generally feels raw afterwards diffuse or advancing sex, so application a crème with a aggregate of moisturizing superstars (think Shea adulate and vitamin E) can accommodate the rehydration that the derma desires. It aswell helps if the crème contains alpha lipoic acid, a almighty antioxidant that battles the chargeless radicals that could could cause oxidative accent to acute penis cells. And a crème that contains a ambit of vitamins (A, B5, C, and D) is able-bodied positioned to addition all-embracing penis health.